3.0.3 patch notes

Lots of small changes that should make a large impact. 

Bug fixes

  • When editing controls, pressing more than one key at a time doesn't break anything.
  • C-Ships won't change direction mid-flight anymore.

Design changes

  • You can reset your keyboard controls to their default.
  • You can cancel editing controls.
  • When enemies and bosses are destroyed by one of your blocks, the amount of points you earned appears.
  • You can pause the game by pressing the Escape button on your keyboard. From there you can exit back to the main menu or resume playing.
  • Improved art of the HUD firing cooldown bar.
  • Tweaked art of the HUD lives icon.

Known bugs

  • When your blocks overlap each other, they prematurely trigger the double points flag.
  • High scores are not properly sorted. 
  • Edit/View Controls doesn't explain how to pause the game. (Usability bug)
  • When editing controls, you can set the same key for multiple controls.
  • Text for the gamepad controls doesn't display properly.
  • Can't use the Tab key to switch between game control types. (Usability bug)

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