3.0.4 patch notes

I received some good feedback from my old college classmates. Hopefully these A-Ship Clusters will provide scripted scenarios where large blocks are better than small blocks. I was hoping by chance clusters of enemies would necessitate large blocks but now realize those moments were either ambiguous or non-existent.

Bug fixes

  • Points are added properly if two or more enemies hit a block at the same exact time.
  • Overlapping blocks don't trigger the double points flag.

Design changes

  • Added A-Ship Clusters; a group of three A-Ships. You are pretty much required to use a large-sized block to destroy them.
  • Adjusted all enemy spawn rates to account for A-Ship Clusters. (I still want to make further adjustments but this is good for now.)
  • View/Edit Controls now tells you pressing ESC pauses the game.

Known bugs

  • High scores are not properly sorted. 
  • When editing controls, you can set the same key for multiple controls.
  • Text for the gamepad controls doesn't display properly.
  • Can't use the Tab key to switch between game control types. (Usability bug)
  • Most players don't notice or understand what the Bottom Feeder does. (Design bug)

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