Meet the literal space shooter. Instead of shooting bullets or lasers, your ship shoots "space" (i.e. blocks) that your enemies collide into. But watch out: You can end up running into your own blocks too!

Three levels are playable as of now with more updates and changes on the way.

Qualdrin includes many accessibility features to allow gamers with various disabilities to join in the fun. These include:

  • Remappable/adjustable controls for keyboards
  • Ability to navigate menus and play only using the keyboard
  • Game speed adjuster to make the game go up to 50% slower
  • Option to give yourself more lives
  • High contrast graphics and text
  • Option to remove the Bottom Feeder stage hazard to adjust difficulty
  • And more to come!

Learn why accessibility is important in gaming by going to

Background music by Jordan Peloquin. Portfolio: 

We're looking for feedback! 

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