3.0.6 patch notes

Game speed adjustment is a real game changer, allowing you to make the game slower. Now the game is even more accessible to players with challenges that can make it difficult to react as quickly as others. 

Some may worry that allowing someone to make the game go slower takes away the challenge or fun. But this, and other options, should be thought of as difficulty sliders. You can fine tune various aspects of the game to provide the right amount of challenge for you. Why would you purposefully make the game slower if it takes away to fun for yourself? 

Bug fixes

  • The second level boss' gloves won't destroy you if the glove is invisible.

Design changes

  • Changed settings buttons on Options screen to toggle switches. This should make it more obvious which settings are on and off.
  • Added ability to change game speed in Options. This is important for players with cognitive or physical challenges that make it difficult to react as quickly. You can adjust to game speed between 50% and 100% (in increments of 10).
  • Improved preview section at the bottom of the Options screen to better illustrate how the options affect gameplay.

Known bugs

  • High scores are not properly sorted. 
  • When editing controls, you can set the same key for multiple controls.
  • Text for the gamepad controls doesn't display properly.
  • Can't use the Tab key to switch between game control types. (Usability bug)
  • Under testing - Most players don't notice or understand what the Bottom Feeder does. (Design bug)

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