3.0.7 patch notes

All* buttons in menus and screens can now be used with a keyboard (and/or a mouse). This is great for players who have trouble using a mouse and just in general since gameplay doesn't use the mouse (yet). I was previously using browser buttons that could be navigated using the Tab key (or your mouse). However, I had little control over their text size and they appeared tiny on Apple computers.

*...Except some buttons for changing your gamepad controls. I want to revisit how I implemented this system.

Bug fixes

  • Now you can use the keyboard to switch between game control types. (Usability bug fix)

Design changes

  • 99% of browser buttons and switches are replaced with sprites. Navigating between buttons and switches can be done using the arrow keys and activated using Enter/Return. You can still use your mouse and left click. (Menu navigation doesn't work with gamepads yet.)
  • Enemy death sound effects won't layer on top of each other to create a deafening sound.

Known bugs

  • High scores are not properly sorted. 
  • When editing controls, you can set the same key for multiple controls.
  • Text for the gamepad controls doesn't display properly.
  • Changing gamepad controls can feel a bit clunky.
  • Menu navigation doesn't work with gamepads yet.
  • Under testing - Does my cutscene help players notice and understand the Bottom Feeder?
  • Under testing - Is my new secondly boss more intuitive to fight against than my current one?

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